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Steve Lindsay

An international financial background working in London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong originally in equity derivatives.  Later, in London he established and exited a currency brokerage, helped found a share matching service for SMEs, and now raises funds for start-ups and mentors them on their journey.

Yusuf Chambers

Through his work in the charity and media sector over a number of years, Yusuf is a well known personality internationally. He is passionate about ensuring entrepreneurs and businesses are given the support, guidance and backing to innovate and flourish and investors are encouraged and given the opportunity to invest directly into businesses in the real economy as opposed to just real estate and/or synthetic financial instruments.

Arif Karbani

Arif has successfully developed a Management Consulting career orientated around business and strategy, underpinned by an inherent focus on time, cost and quality. He is commercially astute in the corporate environment with an avid interest and passion for solutions through cutting edge innovation and technology. Arif has worked for and alongside world class organisations in the aerospace, financial services and healthcare sectors.

Stuart Hutton
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Stuart holds over a decade of experience in investment and wealth management and has a keen interest in new technology. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI), a qualified Financial Planner with the Personal Finance Society and an External Specialist Advisor to the CISI on Islamic Finance. He speaks at events around the world, focusing on topics such as the integration of ethical and Islamic finance.

Dr. Farid Khan
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Dr. Khan, independently acknowledged as a leader in the UK’s healthcare business community, with a proven track record of innovation, has worked in drug discovery at GlaxoSmithkline and obtained a PhD from Cambridge University. He has utilized mass spectrometry, NMR, X-Ray crystallography, CD and fluorescence in the study of protein structure/protein mis-folding, and, has developed drugs for rare diseases and found repurposed drugs for malaria and neurological diseases. He is chair of Protein Technologies.

Faizal Karbani
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Faizal founded SCP because he is passionate about entrepreneurs getting the right support to flourish and to see the growth and development of the Ethical investment sector where the principles of fair trade, sound governance and positive social impact are central. With over 20 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant & Wealth Manager in the Ethical sector and an impressive network of private clients, professional and business contacts – Faizal is ideally placed to advise, mentor SME’s and help match them with investors.

Wasim Khan
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Wasim graduated in Economics from London Metropolitan University and then advanced his education by achieving Masters in Islamic Banking, Finance & Management. He worked for an international NGO in London & Bangladesh as a Microfinance Research Analyst. He has extensive experience working in the financial services industry and worked at Citisolutions. Wasim holds professional qualifications in areas including investment management, risk & financial planning and is a member of CII & a Chartered member of CISI. 

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